Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shoesday Tuesday!

Ah I love shoes, but sadly I don't have to many of them. I made a plan of getting one new pair of shoes every month this year, but that only worked for January. So far no new shoes ughhh. I really need new shoes. Being that today is Tuesday I just renamed it to Shoesday and might just go out and buy myself two new pairs of shoes (maybe more lol). Seriously I get comfortable with a pair of shoes and just wear them out. I've been wearing my favorite pair of boots (I got them for Christmas) almost everyday and the bottom is worn out. They almost have a hole in them lol. I wore my favorite pair of flats and made the front of them break. I have to stop and get enough shoes so I can rotate them. I also found a great way to organize my shoes. I think thats one of the problems, I am not very organized and so I just grab the first pair I find which is usually the same pair of shoes, which is probably why they end up worn out. I am gonna get a big bookshelf and organize my shoes in it. That way they will be set up like a display and I will be able to choose which ones I want to wear. I saw that in my favorite fashion bloggers closet, That's her closet in the picture at the top. I just love her closet. I dont have as much space as that but when i'm done organizing I will show you how mine turns out. Happy Shoesday everyone. Enjoy it.

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