Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Autumn Leaves

Lexi loves how the leaves have changed from green to beautiful red, yellow, orange and brown. She finds this amazing and loves to examine the leaves and ask questions. We picked the prettiest ones the other day and put them in a bag for an arts and crafts projects. The colors are truly beautiful. With always running around and being busy, I forget to notice just how beautiful nature really is. So today I took a break and noticed all of natures little details. Kids notice the beauty in everything.


  1. She's so pretty! Leaves are so much fun when you're young!

  2. These are such sweet pics! Reminds me of my own daughter playing in the fall leaves! I've tried to follow you but for some reason the "Google follow" button keeps coming up an error message- I will try again later! Thanks for stopping by my blog!