Monday, November 15, 2010

The Princess and Makeup

Lexi loves makeup. She could play with makeup all day if possible. She has a little vanity and she will sit there and put it on herself. Then she will put it on her dolls. When she is done with her dolls it's my turn. This is quite funny since she is only 3 about to be 4 next week. How time flies. It is so amazing how kids follow in their parents footsteps. I love makeup so much. She has watched me put on my makeup and play around with my colorful eyeshadows since she was born. This must have sparked her love of makeup.

The picture above is Lexi with my mom. Whenever my mom comes to visit or we visit her, Lexi wants to play makeover with her. When I was Lexi's age, I loved makeup too. I also watched my mom apply her makeup. My mom being a makeup lover too. Of course Lexi is too young to actually wear makeup she only plays at home with it.


  1. I can totally relate, my daughter always asks to wear makeup, esp when she sees me put some on, which isn't often! I only let her for special occasions though, and that's when my SIL comes over to do her makeup bc I suck at it haha. She's going to have to learn all her makeup skills from her aunties when she grows up.

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  4. How cute! Pictures like this make me hope I have a girl someday. I can't believe that is your mom! She looks sooo young! You've got some great genes in your family.

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